Recent exhibitions :

2023: Die Wat Spaart, Die Wat Heeft – Robert Drees Gallery Hanover Germany, Curated by Eric Butcher.

2023: The New Accelerator – Ruskin Gallery Cambridge (Co – curated show Laurence Noga, Benet Spencer and Saturation Point)

2023: Aleph Contemporary at the Bindery – A Little Closer curated by Andrew Hewish, London EC1.

2022: Flowers Gallery – Small is Beautiful, London W1.

2022: Standpoint Gallery – Strange Windows (the found and forgotten) solo show. London N1.

2022:  Aleph Contemporary at the In and Out Club – The Aesthetics of enchantment in Abstract Art.

2022: Tension Gallery – Paste Table London SW20.

2022: Saturation Point  – Sunday Salon 21 solo show, London SE8.

2022: Dulwich Open house group exhibition curated by Stephanie Nebbia London SE22.

2022: Flowers Gallery- Review and discussion of Michael Kidner’s solo show After Image and discussion of my approaches to painting with Adia Wahid.

2022: Home House, Group Exhibition with Aleph Contemporary.

2021: 25 APT Gallery London SE8

2021: RA Summer Exhibition – Royal Academy.

2021: Shape Chroma- Tension Gallery, Laurence Noga, Katrina Blannin, Caroline List, Maple rd London SE20.

2021: The Poetics of Obsolescence – solo show with Aleph Contemporary, 12 Piccadilly Arcade, London SW1.

2020: Covimetry an international exhibition of current trends in geometric art – BWA Gallery, Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland. (Online) 4/12 – 31/12/20

2020 /2021 Multilayer vision 20/20 curated by Juliane Rogge and Ivo Ringe – Raum Schroth, Museum Wilhelm Morgnet Soest. 11 /10 – 31/1/21.

2020: Then & Now – Curated by Christina Niederberger and Alexandra Baraitser, 29th Oct – 13th Dec, Terrace Gallery, William the Fourth Leyton, London.

2020: Washing Line – Curated by Neil Zakiewicz and Patrick Morrissey, Thames – Side studios, London.

2020:Recent Paintings The Elixir Gallery Queen Elizabeth Hospital London (solo) 2020,

2020: Online showcase: I’m in a window mood Curated by Lucy Cox 2020,

2019: Collision Drive 3 –  curated by Benet Spencer and Steven Rendall RMIT Gallery Melbourne

2019: Possible Architectures Curated by Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock Stephen Lawrence Gallery University of Greenwich London.

2019:Playtime curated by Sharon Hall at Arthouse 1 London.

2019 Panel Paintings 3 at the Eagle Gallery London.

2019Momentum, Angus Hughes Gallery London 2018,London
2019 Open Construction, Eastbury Manor London 2018,London

2018  John Moores Painting Prize  14 July -18 November 2018
2018  Open System, C&C Gallery, London (solo)
2017  Entr’acte: Intermission, Galerie Abstract Project Paris
2017  Make Shift, Collyer Bristow, London
2017  Sluice Art Fair with Saturation Point, Sluice Art Space Hoxton London
2017  Merge Visible Curated by Charley Peters: Contemporary British Painters, The Crypt London NW1 SLT
2017  Extended Process – SaturationPoint Projects: Saturation Point Space Deptford London
2017  Undead Painters – Saturation Point Space Deptford London
2016   Imperfect Reverse: Curated by Laurence Noga and Saturation Point Camberwell Project Space, Anglia Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University.Conference at Camberwell College of Arts . Catalogue written by Laurence Noga & Saturation Point Projects.
2016   Summer Mix Turps Gallery, Turps Space.
2015   Borderline (beyond a rational aesthetic) C&C Gallery London – Curator/Exhibitor
2015   From Centre : Slate Projects and Saturation Point Projects
2015  Sluice Art Fair – Saturation Point Projects, London2015  From Centre – Slate Projects and Saturation Point Projects
2015  London Art Fair – C&C Gallery
2014   Colour and Otherness – Grace Teshima Gallery, Paris
2014   GB/Switch/ NL – APT at Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, The Netherlands
2014   That’s Not What – Hide Gallery, Leathermarket,London SE1
2013   Crash –  Charlie Dutton Gallery, London WC12013   First come first served – Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London
2013   Conversations –  Clarendon studio Gallery SE132013   Sluice Art Fair – Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London
2013   APT ‘Curate’ Laurence Noga, curated by Alexis Harding
2012   First come first served – Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London
2012   Intuition Anti Intuition – Lion and Lamb Gallery, Hoxton, London
2012   Beyond the Shadow  – APT Gallery, Deptford, London
2011   Approaching the In-Between, Laurence Noga/Nancy Cogswell  – catalogue written by Peter Ashton Jones , Eleven Spitafields London
2011   Uncaught Hares, Stephen Lawrence Gallery London
2010   Deptford Painters, Arch Gallery London
2008  Perpetuum Mobile, APT Gallery London
2008  Recent Painting Laurence Noga – Chelsea Arts Club, curated by Simon Betts
2007   Deutsche Bank ‘10’ London
2007   Creekside Open at APT Gallery – Selected by Matthew Collings/Emma Biggs
2007   The great exhibition room – Novas Gallery,London
2007   Re-Inventing, Maritime Museum, London
2006   Re-Inventing, ING Bank, London
2006   Kunstmanifestatie Terra Incognita, Wilhelmina Gasthuisterrein Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005   Laurence Noga Arnold Dobbs, Mashed Potato, London SE8
2004   Picking up putting down, Laurence Noga & Simon Betts, Gallery at APT, London SE8
2003   ‘Colour Space’ selected by Clyde Hopkins, Gallery at APT.
2002   Now Abstraction,Hicklin Slade, London W1
2002   Bettie Morton Gallery, London
1998   Dinosaurs’ Blood – The Body of Painting,Gallery at APT, London (curated show)


2023 The New Accelerator – Ruskin Gallery Cambridge (Co – curated show Laurence Noga, Benet Spencer and Saturation Point) Catalogue Text by Laurence Noga, Benet Spencer.

2022 Standpoint Gallery Strange Windows ( the found and forgotten) – Bits and Pieces of a Broken World , Review by Peter Suchin, Le Document.com.

2022  Flowers Gallery- Review and discussion of Michael Kidner’s solo show After Image and discussion of my approaches to painting with Adia Wahid.

2022 The Enchantment in Abstract Art – Catalogue text by Ben Street

2021 Laurence Noga interviewed By Kamini Velodi for Aleph Contemporary

2021 Shape Chroma – Tension Gallery, Catalogue Text Sue Hubbard

2020 Multilayer vision 20/20 – Catalogue Text

2019 Playtime Curated by Sharon Hall Catalogue Text Kamini Velodi

2018 Open System : C&C Gallery London: Review by Tony Blackmore

2017  Art Top 10.com  Make_ Shift  Collyer Bristow  Interview :Laurence Noga

2017  5×5 Collyer Bristow dateagleart: Interview Laurence Noga

Recent Reviews and texts:

2023 Richard Smith Intersections Flowers Gallery, Saturation Point.

2022 Expanded Impermanence: Amelia Bowles and Nadia Guerroui, Saturation Point

2022 After Image: (Works 1956- 2009) Michael Kinder : Flowers Gallery, Saturation Point.

2018  In Line: Griffin Gallery
2017  CounterPoints: Eagle Gallery
2017  Tectonical: Fold Gallery
2017  Ian Monroe S.I.M: Fold Gallery
2017  Pointstar, Carol Robertson: Flowers Gallery
2017  Wendy Anderson: Eagle Gallery
2017  Olivia Bax : Fold Gallery
2016 Kaleidoscope : Fold Gallery
2016 Mechanical Abstract: Turps Gallery
2016 Estelle Thompson : Flowers Gallery
2016 Michaela Zimmer : Fold Gallery
2016 Finbar Ward: Fold Gallery
2016 Jane Bustin: Copperfield Gallery
2016 Flatland : Fold Gallery
2015  Catalogue – Natalie Dower Reflections: Eagle Gallery  – Text By Laurence Noga
2015 Ian Monroe : Horatio Junior
2015 Bernard Cohen Flowers Gallery
2015 Dominic Beattie : Fold Gallery
2015 Trevor Sutton: Eagle Gallery
2015 Generator : Kaleidoscope Gallery Sevenoaks
2015 Adventures of the Black Square: Whitechapel Gallery
2015 Seeds & Syntax : Eagle Gallery
2015 Seven from the seventies : Flowers Gallery
2014 Chance and Order : Eagle Gallery
2014 New Wave  – Austin Desmond Gallery
2014 Tricking Yourself Finbar Ward : Fold Gallery/ Saatchi Gallery

Recent Talks

2023  The New Accelerator Ruskin Gallery Cambridge – Symposium Lecture.

2023 The Enchantment in Abstract Art talk with Alastair Hicks

2022 Standpoint Gallery – Strange Windows (the found and forgotten) talk with Peter Ashton Jones

2017   Merge Visible : Contemporary British Painters
2017   Undead Painters
2016   Fold Gallery  : Laurence Noga & Kirstin Mey Conversation.
2016   Imperfect Reverse : Camberwell College of Arts /Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin Gallery
2015   Borderline Beyond a Rational Aesthetic
2012   Intuition anti Intuition Lion and Lamb London, Laurence Noga / Peter Ashton Jones
2012   Beyond the Shadow APT gallery London, Laurence Noga / John Crossley
2012   Camberwell MA Fine Art – Approaching the Inbetween
2011   Approaching the In-Between- ‘Things as they aren’t with Peter Ashton Jones Co  – Editor Turps Banana


1991   Central St Martins  London- Post Grad Diploma Fine Art
1984  Wimbledon College of Art London

Turps Painting Programme, Correspondence Mentor. 2021 to Present.
Pathway leader Fine Art, CCW Progression Centre, Camberwell  College of Arts, University of the Arts London
Visiting  Lecturer & Assessor, MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London
Visiting Lecturer, BA Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon College of Art and Camberwell College of Arts London